Monday, August 1, 2016

All is Well

Hi everyone! We are all doing well, but we don't have Internet so we haven't been sharing much online. But, Naty and I both have phones now!

We are doing a lot of shopping and still have more to do. Thank you so much to everyone who gave us financial gifts or bought our things. Your gifts are helping us get what we need here. 

Here is a picture of our house. 

And here is the view from behind our house this morning:

And this is my classroom:

Tomorrow is my first day of orientation. Here we go!


  1. Wow. Your house is BEAUTIFUL. The view behind it is too.

  2. Thanks Jasmin! We only have the first floor of the house, the owners live in the top two floors, so we don't have much of a view, but we do really like it.

    1. Thats cool. :-) I hope you guys have fun!!!

    2. Thats cool. I hope you keep having fun there :-)