Monday, August 15, 2016

10 de Agosto

August 10, 1809 was Ecuador's independence day. This past weekend we had a day off on Friday to celebrate. I woke up early and took my first Quito bike ride to the Parque Metropolitano, which is about 2.5 miles east of our house. It is higher than the city and you get an amazing view of northern Quito and the Pichincha mountain range from there. The park has some great trails for mountain biking and trail running. And no cars to worry about!

We left Quito at 9:00 that morning with several other Alliance teachers to go to the David and Lois Wells' Ranch out in a small town called Nono about 1 1/2 hours northwest of Quito. They have several horses and Gaby and Marcus were in their glory as they both got to take two trail rides that day. Marcus broke in his new cowboy boots he bought just before we left Ohio.

Gaby had the time of her life when one of the horses in the group took off running and left her rider behind! Gaby and Lois kept running with their horses all the way back to the ranch. She was so happy! Here mucking stalls and taking riding lessons over the past year sure helped out for this wild ride.

Marcus did an amazing job brushing his horse down after the second ride. Her mane and tail were all knotted up, but Marcus persisted in getting them nice and smooth.

After the riding we had some amazing grilled chicken, steak and pork ribs for lunch. After that, we had a bilingual time of worship and prayer with the Alliance staff and also some families that live close to the farm. It was very special to help lead singing in two languages and then pray for each other in such a beautiful place.

We were all so blessed by the Wells' hospitality and we hope we can go back there again soon.

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