Saturday, May 21, 2016

the Circles of Life

Almost 20 years ago I went to Guayaquil, Ecuador on a REACH short term missions team for my first cross-cultural experience and I met some amazingly wonderful people while I was there. 

This is a picture from January 1997 at the Malecón in Guayaquil. 

This past week, we had several of those same friends to our house with their families for dinner. I think it makes us all feel a little old, but most of all it really makes us happy to have great friends that are as close as family. Thank you Kauffmans and Wanty-Lozadas! Your friendships over the years have meant so much. Now we can't wait to host you again in Quito. 

Peacheys, Briceños, Kauffmans, Wantys and Lozadas. 



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