Saturday, May 14, 2016

Team and Leadership Development

Last night and today I've had the privilege of learning from David Watson, a missionary who mas made disciples who planted 100,000+ churches and baptized 4,000,000 believers. He's challenged me so much to keep learning. One thing he said was, "Everyone keeps training until they're the Pope." We joked that even the Pope needs training too. 

Two key principles I learned are redefinitions. Team is an environment where we learn from each other. Team is more about process than performance. Another thing I learned is that a leader is someone who makes leaders. Success as a leader isn't about what I do, it's about what the people I work with do. Leading people means we need to coach and mentor them. Coaching is helping others improve specific skills and mentoring is based on building capacity in others. Again, this is focused on process, not performance. Perfection is not the goal, improvement is. We have so much to learn!


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