Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Belleville Last Weekend

Last Friday through Sunday we made a quick trip to Dion's hometown of Belleville, Pennsylvania. We left Columbus mid-morning Friday and went straight to Greenwood Furnace State Park to have supper with Naty's host-mom Phyllis Yoder and her sisters at the campground. Dion had a challenging MTB ride while the rest of the family made s'mores around the fire.

 On Saturday we visited an Amish fundraiser auction and had a delicious lunch. I don't think I ever saw so many Amish people together for one event! They are raising money to build a clinic that will specialize in treating diseases common among the Amish.

In the afternoon we visited Dion's grandma Hostetler and reminisced about raising kids and impact based discipline that makes a difference! AKA spanking... It's hard to think of Grandma giving spankings now, but it used to happen! We know our family's better for it now.

Later that afternoon, we visited my friend Michael's dairy farm and Marcus learned how to milk!

It may sound crazy, but it was fun to be around some cows again. It's been a long time since I worked on a farm, but there is something about it that I miss.

We finished up Saturday evening, making memories with a Venezuelan arepa meal at the Yoders, the family Naty lived with when she came to Belleville in 1998.

On Sunday, we went to church at Locust Grove in the morning and then had "poor man's steak" and mashed potatoes, one of my favorite meals, at my Dad and Mom's house for lunch.

We drove through lots of rain to get back home to Columbus late Sunday night, but the best part of the drive was talking with our realtor and setting up a contract to sell our house!

We have a buyer now and if all goes well, we should be closing the sale at the end of July right before we leave to Ecuador! God is GOOD!!!

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