Thursday, July 7, 2016

Goodbye Coffee

On Tuesday night we said goodbye to Coffee our wonderful friend for the past 14 years. When we got her as a puppy we had no idea what would be ahead for our lives! She had got to a point where it was very difficult for her to walk and even to stand up sometimes so we decided that it was time to have her put down. All of us shed lots of tears as we hugged her and told her all the things we were thankful that she did for us over the years. What a faithful friend!

Our dear friends Derrek and Carla invited us to bury her in their backyard so she will be somewhere that can go back to see her resting place. Naty had the great idea to plant a tree in her memory, so of course we planted a peach tree.

Rest in peace dear Coffeecita. July 2002-July 2016


  1. Coffee was such a good dog. :-). I am so sorry but I am glad you got to burry her where people can remember and "see" her. :-)

  2. Thanks Jasmin. We miss her a lot! We hope one day we can eat peaches from her tree.

    1. Yes. Eating peaches would be nice :-)