Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our DAYcation

It's been challenging this year to see vacation pictures of friends and family on Facebook and know that we can't have a vacation this year. However, this past weekend on our way here to Houghton, New York we made time for a family DAYcation, about 24 hours to relax and enjoy life a bit in the midst of a lot of transition.
Instead of coming straight to Houghton College for our Pre Field Orientation we went straight to Niagara Falls!

We got to see the falls a bit and walk around Niagara Falls State Park, but the best part was connecting with our friends Randy, July, Rachel and Josh Sunderland from Dion's hometown! We had dinner and then ice cream together and got to walk around the falls area on the American side. Our family couldn't go to the Canadian side because we don't have our passports back yet. It was so good to catch up with Randy and Juli and our kids had a great time with their kids too.

We spent the night in a motel, that was probably the worst we've ever been too! Then the next day, after a hearty Bob Evans breakfast, we set out exploring. Our first stop was to see a lighthouse in Buffalo, NY that Naty wanted to visit.

Then, since it was Father's Day, my request was to go to a beach, which we found in Hamburg, NY. It was great to swim in the crystal clear water of Lake Erie and soak in the sun for a little while. 

After that we started heading east through hills and valleys of farmland to make our way to Houghton College in Houghton, New York for our PFO. In some ways, it felt like going to Belleville!

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