Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dinner + Silent Auction

Sunday evening we were blessed again by about 60-70 people who came together to support us through a fundraiser dinner and silent auction at the Rosedale International Center. The meal was led by Ulises, a young man from our church who is quite a chef. He and his family made salad, chicken parmigiana, roasted rosemary red potatoes and brazed asparagus with a hint of red pepper flakes. We also has tres leches cake for dessert. It was amazing!

Carlos and Uli getting the cake ready to serve. 

This family is an incredible team! They all worked together to buy all the food and make the meal for all of the guests. 

We charged $25 per person for the meal and there were some people who gave even more

We sold more of our things by way of a silent auction during the evening as well. 
Altogether we raised $2457.00!

That came just in time because we needed $1,200 to apply for our visas today.
We are so grateful for all the support we are getting. We are now at 52% of the support we need for our first year!


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