Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Challenges in Ecuador

When this is what you see in a country where fresh produce is usually abundant, you know something is wrong. Things aren't at all normal these days since President Moreno removed the government subsidy for regular gas and diesel. Last week there a taxi, bus and truckers strike for two days that was supposed to be over on Friday, but then the Indigenous communities started their protests. Cutting down trees and dragging them across highways. Setting tires on fire and dumping nails in the streets!

Supposedly about 20,000 indigenous people have now come to Quito, some having walked for two days, to protest and try to throw out the government. The president and his cabinet have moved to Guayaquil and have declared that city to be the new seat of government for the country now.

A friend sent a video of this scene this morning where the police, dressed in riot gear, were saying the Lord's Prayer in front of the presidential palace in the center of Quito.

As you read this take a minute to pray Your kingdom come, Your will be done in Ecuador as it is in heaven. Amen.

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