Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ohio and PA

While Naty, Gaby and Marcus are enjoying having Papapa and Mamama (grandpa and grandma) visit, and traveling all around Ecuador, I'm on a trip through Ohio and Pennsylvania for Holy Week vacation.

Last Saturday morning I join some of my soccer parent friends in Columbus to cheer on the Westgate Rec Center teams.

It's crazy how fast kids grow up!

The biggest celebration was being one of the best men for my cousin Rich and his new bride Bethany! They were joined in holy matrimony near Plain City, Ohio on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

Naty, Gaby and Marcus couldn't be there because of Marcus' drama performances so they had to take in the ceremony via Facebook Live. It was really hard to be a such a joyful celebration without my wife and kids, it was great to be with almost all of our extended Peachey family.

Sunday morning was a wonderful reunion with some of our CNM family to share brunch and church together.

Sunday afternoon I got to gather with our Luz Viviente family at Westgate Park, just like we did for so many times when we lived in Columbus. It was great to see all of the families together and even meet two new family that are joining the group.

I got to stay with Leo and Jaque for the weekend. This amazing couple is leading the church forward since we left. They are facing plenty of challenges, but pressing on, growing a lot and leading others to follow Jesus as well.

It was so great to hang out with friends and share scripture together reflecting on how Jesus freed us from death.

We got to celebrate Benjamin's SIXTH birthday too!

Sunday night I got to have a wonderful cup of coffee with Leo and Andrea and meet Andrea's mom. Christian did an awesome job with a selfie stick to catch us all in this pose. (Photo by: Christian Ramos)

Monday morning I visited Stiles Elementary, where I taught ESL for 8 years before moving to Ecuador. It was so cool to see so many former students and colleagues. I never felt so much like a rock star in my life! (Photo credit to Mrs. Cox)

Now this is one of the great things about being in the US of A! They even have a "Reese's Extreme" Blizzard right now. They may just be serving them in heaven when we get there!

I made it back to Big Valley on Monday night so Tuesday afternoon I got to take a bike ride and see some of the local springtime action.

These mountains aren't quite as high as Ecuador (about 7,000 ft. lower) but they are still beautiful.

Tuesday night I gave a picture presentation at Taste of the Valley for friends and family to see what we are up to in Quito.

The first presentation was in English and then I gave a second presentation to all these folks in Spanish! 

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  1. Hi Jason and Lydia! It would have been great to see your family too. We hope to be back in July and August, maybe then. I didn't get to bike in Ohio, just ran a bit. But I do have a bike here in PA and I got to ride with my brother and his kids today.